Hand to Hand Combat Training
I just finished a 7 Week SFA Camp and all I can say is AMAZING!! The techniques and way of learning in SFA are not like anything else. It is Threat Based, Mr. Sachetti actually takes into the actual attack and then develops the techniques with you as you are in it. You see immediately what works and what doesn't. I am talking when you are fresh and spent against a larger, smaller, more skilled or multiple attackers. Now I am doing it myself and I feel Confident,Competent and Capable no matter what violence I face - Greg
Hand to Hand Combat Training
SFA is really a unique Self Defense Experience. It focuses on the fastest and best ways to deal with all different kinds of threats. It is very easy to learn but it is also extremely effective. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a real skill level and endurance.-Ryan Manaraze
Hand to Hand Combat Training
What I have to say is that SFA makes me feel confident and ready to defend myself at any time! - Ross Manaraze
Hand to Hand Combat Training
What I appreciate about SFA is that it gives me options to defend myself and my family from multiple types of threats. Before SFA I was truly at a loss but now I am confident and have a base of effective knowledge that I can work on for single and multiple attackers. - Rob Manaraze
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