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Step 1 First We Must Develop Within You The Instinct, Skill Level And Conditioning To Excel At Performing SFA Effectively Against Strikers, Grapplers, Ground Attacks, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, Firearms And Multiple Attackers Who Are Striking, Restraining Or Using Weaponry.

Step 2 Once Your Performance Is There, Then You Must Master The Complete SFA Curriculum And Unique Training Axioms To Be Able To Give This Same Service To Others.

Step 3 Finally We Will Enable You To Become Successful In The Martial Arts School Industry As An Official SFA Instructor With Your Own Territory.
Quality Not

There are many martial arts schools that claim they have the best martial art for self defense, but if you learn self defence in SFA you will know you have the best. In Making An SFA Instructor We Are Concerned First About Your Performance. To Learn The Best Self Defence You Must Master Counter Offense.

To Maintain The Integrity Of The Axiom All Instructor Certification For Martial Arts School Owners And Teachers Is Done On Private Lesson Basis Only With The SFA Founder Allen J. Sachetti.
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What Is The Best Martial Art For Self Defense?
SFA Is An Axiom That Enables You To Learn Self Defence Much Better Than Any Martial Arts School By Developing You Within Actual Threat Experiences
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  • Military CQC
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  • Weapon Disarming, Weapon Retention, Bayont, Tactical Knife, Tactical Short Sword Combat Empty Hands

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  • Safety Baton, Knife Defense, Empty Hands Defense, Restraint & Cuffing , Firearm Disarming & Retention

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  • You Prep Food & Medicine, What About An Indomitable Fight Drive & Skills That Your Attackers CANNOT Match

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  • Are You A Spirit Filled Believer In jesus Christ. Then You Have The Biblical Right To Self Defense

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  • Make Your Next Film Or Stage Production STAND OUT With The Most Unique And Effective Techniques In The Business