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SFA will provide your film or stage production a Fight Choreographer of a singular expertise and unparalled work ethic.

Mr. Allen J. Sachetti will work step by step with your Director and Producer to understand their vision and then provide the exact techniques, tactics and reactions you need to convey your story.

Once the scope and detials of the action are decided he then will execute a tireless effort to train, drill and develop your cast memebers to perform with the highest degree of excellence. Your production will then convey the fight, attack or violence in the truest, most realistic way with your hero executing uniquely effective counter offenses that will leave the audience in awe!!


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Aside from being able to Cheorgraph more traditional Martial Arts like Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Mr. Sachetti is also uniqely skilled in the Filipino Arts of Pekiti-Tirsia and Dumpag.

Having Lived in the Philippines for 5 years and practiced Pekiti-Tirsia for 23 years Mr. Sachetti can bring your film a particular depth and skill level with Swords, Knives & Other Edged Weapons that few can match.

well with SFA Mr. Sachetti can offer your Film or Stage Production a different body of material that is AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE in the stress of real life attacks on the street or in the battlefield.
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