doomsday prep gear
When It Happens, 
It's Too Late To Train!!

Are You Ready & Able To Fight Off An Amoral, Human Animal Who Is Bent On Your Destruction?

Are You Ready & Able To Stop 3 Thugs Coming Into Your House To Take EVERYTHING You Have.

Are You Ready & Able To Protect Your Wife And Kids From Multiple Attackers Too?

Many Think They Are,you may have purchased the best doomsday prep gear, but the truth is unless you are trained well to react under the duress of the actual attack you are not ready.


You Must Be Able
To Rely On You
"SFA Is Designed To Eanble You
To Perform At Your Best When
Things Are At Their Worst"

An Attacker With Intent To Kill

A Knife Or Pistol In Your Face

3 Vicious Thugs At Once

Home Invaders

A Determined Terriorist
best martial art for self defense


learn doomsday prep gear
You may buy the best doomsday prep gear. Freeze dried food, water, ammo, medicine, generators, gold or silver. BUT ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL BE TAKEN FROM YOU, if you don't prep your Self Defence Now

SFA Offers You Unique Training That Develops Within You The Ability To Be Triggered By Violent Attacks To Immediately Execute The Most Effective Martial Arts Techniques That Destroy The Threat You Are Facing !!!



Elite Training For Doomsday Preppers & Survivalists
To just learn self defence is not enough. You cannot ask yourself what is the best martial arts techniques to use at the moment of the attack. No your body must react instinctively with what is most effective.
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  • Weapon Disarming, Weapon Retention, Bayont, Tactical Knife, Tactical Short Sword Combat Empty Hands

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  • Safety Baton, Knife Defense, Empty Hands Defense, Restraint & Cuffing , Firearm Disarming & Retention

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  • You Prep Food & Medicine, What About An Indomitable Fight Drive & Skills That Your Attackers CANNOT Match

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  • Are You A Spirit Filled Believer In jesus Christ. Then You Have The Biblical Right To Self Defense

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  • Make Your Next Film Or Stage Production STAND OUT With The Most Unique And Effective Techniques In The Business