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Everybody wants to know "What Martial Art Is Best For Self Defense" ? Many Martial Arts Schools try to answer this by talk, but the truth is that a real life attack is dirty, gritty and chaotic and the truth of what martial art techniques actually WORK under these conditions is what is revealed within the SFA Axiom.

To learn self defence is much more than collecting a number of martial arts techniques in a classroom. No one must first be in the water before he can learn to swim and what if the waves are big and the water is rough.

MIxed Martial Arts, BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling are all good sports but they really do not prepare one for the rigors and stress of a real life street attack from an amoral human animal who is bent on your desturction.

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In both Newark & Middiletown Delaware The SFA Training Center goes far beyond most Martial Arts Schools by offering a service that is truly unique.

SFA will develop within you the Instincts to react to violent attacks with only the most effective martial arts techniques that have been refined through the actual stress and duress of real conflict

With SFA you will learn a self defence that is triggered by the violence. You will not have to think about what martial arts tehcnique you want to use, but instead your body will react with what is right for the attack you are facing.
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Mons & Weds 8:00 - 9:00 PM

Threat Solution Course
Saturdays 11:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Held At 4446 Summit Bridge Rd. Middletown, DE. 19709
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