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Are You A Born Again Spirit Filled Believer In Our Lord Jesus Christ. If so do you question if you have the right and duty to stop evil people from harming you and your family?

Blessed Be The Lord My Rock Who Trains My
Hands For War, My Fingers For Battle - Psalm 144

This is only one of many scriptures that speak of a Christians right and duty to not only learn self defense but to truly become a Warrior.

The Problem is that there are many people who practice Martial Arts or Hand To Hand Combat with a very evil attitude confusing malice with warrior instinct. I assure you there is a big difference.

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Once you understand that Christians Biblically have the Right and Duty to "FIGHT BACK" against those who would harm them, you then must realize that you must spend time and effort to develop and maintain this skill.

If you are looking around for the best martial art for self defense or someone who genuinely teaches a "Christian Self Defense" from a Biblical perpsective then SFA is the solution to your problem.

SFA Offers You Unique Training That Develops Within You The Ability To Be Triggered By Violent Attacks To Immediately Execute The Most Effective Martial Arts Techniques That Destroy The Threat You Are Facing !!
Christian self defense


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