How Will You React When You Are Attacked?
WARNING This Video Contains A Graphic Real Life Attack

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Believe It Or Not ...
There is a way that the poor woman in this video could have prepared herself to actually counter and defeat this attacker, but it would have required training herself well in advance of the attack with the proper material that would have developed her Instincts, Technique and Conditioning. YES Believe it or not there are Functional Instincts and Effective Techniques she could have responded with that would have enabled her to literally destroy this evil attacker.
The Survival Fighting Axiom
We all want to be able to protect ourselves. No one ever wants to be attacked and we would all like to think that we could perform well in a real Hand To Hand Combat situation. You may think you are super tough, in good shape or even know some martial arts technique from a previous self defence class, but what is the truth? How will you peform in a real life or death attack? Whats the best martial art for self defense? Does it have real street fighting techniques? Are the self defense tactics proven?

These are all good questions to ask but what if I told you that in a real street fight all you have are your INSTINCTS at the moment of the attack. Your INSTINCTS that are triggered by whatever violence your are facing, and that a Martial Arts class is not always the best place to develop these INSTINCTS. No, The INSTINCTS that you need to execute the best street fighting techniques in a real hand to hand combat situation are only developed through actual experiences.
SFA is a unique Survival Fighting Axiom. An Axiom is a process that reveals the truth. In SFA we recreate the violence that you are going to experience (as close to the real thing as possible) and then feed you uniquely effective street fighting techniques and reactions while you are in the actual frey of hand to hand combat. You see once you are in the chaos and stress of an actual attack your analytical mind shuts down and all you have left is your Instinctive or Reactive Mind. This is the part of your mind that we train with SFA.

So you still may be asking "what is the best martial art for self defense" and "what kind of martial arts techniques does SFA use"? Well the SFA founder Allen J. Sachetti has spent a lifetime of study in both the street and sport arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai, Dumpag, Greco Roman & Freestyle Wrestling, Pekiti-Tirsia, Silat, KFM, Judo, Wing Chun and other martial arts. Now while he likes to say that all these arts have certainly contributed to the gene pool of SFA, that SFA in itself is a whole new creation, a whole new birth.
SFA street fighting techniques are totally threat based. They have been refined and distilled through a process of raw violence from attackers with INTENT. In this actual frey has come a truly unique development of the most effective street fighting and hand to hand combat techniques on the planet into what we call SFA Threat Solution.

The SFA Training center on 301 in MIddletown Delaware offers a variety of services. You can learn self defence in the Beginners SFA class on Monday's & Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 PM, take SFA Private Lessons or specific Threat Solution Seminars. For your Church or Christian group there are special "Biblical Self Defence" modules. For the Military Mr. Sachetti offers Hand To Hand Combat, Tactical Knife & Tatical Bayonet Modules. For Police and Law Enforcement there are SFA Defensive Tactics Modules. If you are a Doomsday Prepper there are specific Survival Fighting Modules and if you are making a Film and want the best fight choreogrpahy Mr. Sachetti can make your fight scenes the most realistic and impressive for your audience.
"Fear Not" - Isaiah 41:10
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